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Argan oil is one of the rarest oil in the world. Also known as "liquid gold", this miracle oil is harvested from the nuts of the Argan tree, a native plant found only in Morocco. Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E, omega-6, antioxidants and unsaturated essential fatty acids.



These essential nutrients found in pure cosmetic Argan oil have many benefits for the hair, skin and nails. This wonder oil can moisturize the skin and prevent aging, protect the skin from free radical damage.  It can also soften cuticles, add shine, and strengthen the nails. Using Argan oil for the hair can help prevent split ends and breakage, make hair color last, and fight dandruff.



Argan oil is lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin and does not leave any residue once it is applied on the skin. Just massage a few drops of oil to dull and dry skin to moisturize and reduce fine lines. You can also massage this oil to your nails or use it to condition your hair. It can also be a great after-shave lotion for men.



Argan oil has been widely used in the beauty and cosmetic industry. However, to get the full benefits of Argan oil, it has to be used in its pure form. Our 100% cold pressed Argan oil is purely organic and certified by ECO CERT in Morocco to ensure high-quality standards. By regularly adding a few drops of cosmetic-grade and pure Argan oil to your daily beauty routine, you can see and feel the difference in your hair, skin and nails in just a few days.


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